Weird Fish This Week

This week, the top animal is the Axolotl.

ax1Image By: Уткина Дарья

Sometimes they get called Mexican walking fish. I bet it’s because it’s way easier than axolotl.

Axolotl, aren’t actually fish though. They’re salamanders, which are amphimbians. That said, they don’t do metamorphoses like other amphibians. You probably know that frogs start as tadpoles and then turn into adult frogs that have lungs. Axolotl don’t do that. They never grow lungs, basically they don’t turn into adults. They stay young their whole lives, just swimming around having a good time.

Image By: Tiia Monto

Axolotl are native to only one place on earth. The lakes around Mexico City. Unforutnately, Mexico City is so big that the urban growth has seemingly annihilated the native population. If you went looking in those lakes, you probably wouldn’t see any of these little guys.

Image By: Ari Helminen

Because they’re so cute, people are also snatching them up as exotic pets and some other people think they look good to eat, so they do it.

Because of all that, axolotl are pretty endangered. In a few years they’ll probably be extinct in the wild. Hopefully all the people keeping them as pets can keep them from going extinct altogether.

Image By: Stan Shebs

Probably the coolest thing about axolotl is that they can regrow basically any part of their body. Not just a lost tail or leg like you see in some other lizard-looking animals, but like jaws and spines and stuff. Some people say they can even regrow parts of their brain.

Axolotl also have a tonne going on in their biology. The axolotl’s genome is 10 times bigger than what humans have. Somewhere in there is the genes for regenerating any part of your body, but there is also other stuff. They’ve got a handful of genes that control what colour they are. In the wild they’re pretty brown or black, but given enough time breeders can get some wild colouration.

Image By: Henry Mühlpfordt


That’s some cool things about axolotl. What do you think about axolotl?
Do you think they’re cute, or do you think they’re weird looking like all the other amphibians? Do you know any other cool axolotl facts? Jam whatever you think in the comments below!

There’s so much more going on with these guys. If you want to get more into it, check out these other websites.

Axolotl (Official Website?)

National Geographic

One thought on “Weird Fish This Week

  1. A comprehensive post on Axolotl. What about your own insight? Do you think they are significant? Why or why not? Do you think they would make good pets? Should we start hunting them? Is that legal? Do you think it should be legal? What are YOUR opinions, rather than their facts? 🙂


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